Episode 001 with Cooley Horner!

It’s finally here! Pop On The Clock is officially poppin’!

My first-ever guest is Cooley Horner, fellow pop culture maven (and Boston College alum!), and author of the aptly named cooleyhorner.wordpress.com.

Topics include Harry Potter’s dominance, Rebecca Black redux, Emmy snubs and things that fail to fill us with Glee.



About Chris Serico, Pop On The Clock

Entertainment expert Chris Serico and special guests put pop culture on the clock for this irreverent entertainment podcast.
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2 Responses to Episode 001 with Cooley Horner!

  1. Lbabs says:

    Most excellent! Yet, as a BU grad, I take issue with all the BC love 🙂

  2. Tom Lorusso says:

    Loved it. Funny and concise. Would love to see it on Zune though.

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